The notarization shall be in various forms according to the term of the Lawyers Council of Thailand as follows:

1. Attestation to the Attestation of signature
 Before me

2. Certification of copies
 Certified true copy of passport_1
 Certified true copy of passport_2
 Certified true copy of house registration
 Certified true copy of Thai ID Card

3. Certification of photo of person
 Certified photo of Person

4. Administering Oaths
 Administering Oaths

5. Testimony and oaths
 Testimony and Oaths

6. Attestation of fact
 Attestation of Fact

7. Protest

8. Documents and assets keeping

9. Statement attached to documents

10. Attestation of address
 Attestation of Address

11. Attestation of Witness
 Attestation of Witness

12. Others attestation
 Confirmation of Birth day
 Certified Correct Translation
 Share transfer Agreement

     Therefore, no matter who you are, whether you are Thai or foreigner, if you want to attest the authenticity of signatures or documents or others attestation in order to give them credit in a foreign jurisdiction, you are able to do this by way of a Notarial Services Attorney of the Lawyers Council of Thailand.

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